What do we do?

Our philosophy is simple, offer the best and most powerful premium computers you can buy today. We do not sell every model from every manufacturer. In fact, our catalog features less than 40 products. It is not about offering hundreds of notebooks. It is about that one perfect notebook for you.

We specialize in flagship high-end models, extremely limited edition models, and special or custom configured models that are not available at regular retail stores or high street shops. We carefully select and sell only the very best models.

Part of our daily job description is to work directly with manufacturers, and a network of reliable partners and distributors around the world. This allows us to source models that initially may only be available in limited quantities, or may not be available or sold at retail stores. Often special or custom configured models may not even be offered on the manufacturer website.

Everyday we put tremendous effort into running Lumen Books, offering our customers the most pleasant and seamless shopping experience we can. We truly do what we love. We are a group of tech enthusiasts that absolutely live and breathe technology.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Have a question? Need help placing a new order or assistance with an existing order?

Our team is ready to help. Connect with us via live chat or send us an email enquiry to support@lumenbooks.com